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Hello everyone! Co-Founder Vapour-Dreams here with a bunch of Marvel and Tom-related announcements.

First off, sorry for not updating much. I've been really busy but now I have a small three day break so yay!

Because of this, I wasn't able to go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier last week on Friday when it came out in Mexico and didn't have time to go buy premiere tickets for the US premiere (which is tonight). But I'll go watch it on Saturday to see what's up.

:star: With that much said, if you plan on watching the film there's TWO secret endings and supposively one of them is Loki related. So stick around til the very end!

I've been told and have read comments regarding the film (since I love spoilers like a lot) so if you're curious to know, read below if not just skip to the next topic.

:bulletblack: Spoilers :bulletblack:

:bulletgreen: If you watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., have you noticed that for some of the episode previews, the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo changes to Captain America's shield  for a few seconds? Those episodes are apparently linked to the new Captain America film. If you watch the film and watch the new episodes that'll be released, you'll have a better idea of what's going on in the show since you watched the film.

:bulletblack: HYDRA's introduced in the film and there's a bunch of new characters as well.

:bulletgreen: This new Captain America film is sequel to Captain America, so the setting and everything is before The Avengers. At the end of the new film, it sets up for The Avengers film and shows how Loki came into the picture.

[Edit] New Captain America film is set after The Avengers.

:bulletblack: Captain America 3 tease (said to be out in 2016).

For those that have watched it already (like half the world), can comment whether this is true or not, or I can edit this after watching the film myself.


:star: Possible Black Widow film (from what Scarlett Johansson commented regarding the topic).

:bulletblack: Video:…


:star: New Jaguar commercial released, this time only starring Tom Hiddleston.

:bulletgreen: Video::…

:bulletyellow: In case you missed the first one (non Super Bowl version):…

:bulletyellow: Making of the commercial:…


:star: MTV Movie Awards is holding a Favourite Character voting poll. Loki is 3rd place so far behind Tris, and Katniss taking first place.

:bulletgreen: Here's the link to vote:…

To vote for your pick, you need to include the correct hashtag in your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and or Vine posts. You can put anything you want in the post as long as it includes the right hashtag. You can vote multiple times.  


:star: Spider-Man 2 evian water commercial

:bulletblack: Video:…


And lastly, Samuel L. Jackson's performs a slam poem about the 1990's sitcom "Boy Meets World."

:bulletgreen: Video:…

That's it for now. It's 12:10 am already wow I should probably leave.

Thank you for your time! <3
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(more to be added of course)


Welcome Hiddlestoners!

:bulletblack: Espa˝ol -…
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:bulletgreen: This is a club for fans of the Tom Hiddleston and Marvel portrayal of Loki, Thor's brother and the Norse god of Mischief. A great place (with your collaboration) to share our art and our love for the character and actor!


:bulletgreen: We want to be great fans but also grow to be great artists. Hence, one of the goals of the group is to get better at our respective arts, so share opinions and constructive critiques!


:bulletgreen: Rules :bulletgreen:
Submitting Artwork:
:bulletgreen: You MUST be a member to submit anything.
:bulletgreen: You MUST submit your artwork to the correct folder. If you feel your deviation is Featured-worthy, you can submit it there, but the Admins reserve the right to move it if in their opinion it is not. We do accept all types and kinds of art but please take the time to submit it correctly so we are not bogged down with moving them.
:star: No explicit/excessive mature content unless correctly labeled!
:bulletgreen: Art must be original 100% by you, unless it was an art trade. Screenshots aren't really supposed to be submitted, it's against dA policy, but we still have them.
:bulletgreen: Maximum number of submissions? We've changed it to 5 deviations per folder but keep submitting until the limit is reached, you never know when it is! XD


:shakeloki:  WIP by a-kid-at-heart Do NOT submit stuff that goes against dA policy.

And, lastly:
Welcome, Hiddleston-Loki Lovers! : D


Members' Tumblr Masterpost!
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For those that were interested, the 2014 digital Loki calendar is now available! 

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15 deviants said Thank you for your time <3
4 deviants said If you want your group to be promoted, please comment below (doesn't have to be Loki-related).
1 deviant said If you have a new dA group or on Tumblr, Facebook, etc., I'll be making a new journal on New Years promoting groups (old groups with very few members can be promoted as well).



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ShaniceTJN Apr 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Can I submit this here? :D (Big Grin)
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AdmiralDeMoy Apr 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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Please make sure to VOTE everyone~!! :D
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Vapour-Dreams Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for joining!

Enjoy your stay!~
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