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July 19, 2013


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[EDIT 7th of Aug.]

TRAILER HERE! Enjoy! <3…

:star: (Here's the Geek Week version. If you click on the 'pow' at the bottom next to the annotations and such, the video will look like if it were a comic-book!):…

Watching this again is just as glorious as when I saw it the first time at Comic-Con!!

I won't edit this journal anymore so yes, this concludes my Comic-Con journey~



[EDIT 24th of July]

:new: The new trailer for Thor: The Dark World will premier on Wednesday, August 7 at YouTube Geek Week:…

:bulletgreen: Announcement source:…

:star: YouTube Geek Week channel:

:star: YouTube Geek Week channel (UK):

:star: Marvel's Youtube channel:

Yes, it'll be the same trailer I saw when I was at Comic-Con!

:bulletgreen: I'll update this journal for the last time to link the video once it's up.

:new: What was hot at Comic-Con:


More videos!

:new: Tom talks about how secretive he was for his Loki appearance. Also about Loki, Thor, and Avengers:…

:new: :star: Tom talks about how his performance was his biggest gig yet:…

:star: Interview revealing more about the film, talks about fans and are aware about him being a hot topic on Tumblr!:…

:star: Tom talks about Asgard:…

:star: Tom interview whether Loki has hit rock bottom and why Chris couldn't go to Comic-Con:…

:new: :star: Tom Hiddleston plays out the film's plot with action figures!:…




[EDIT 21st of July]

Comic-Con's last day today. Tom Hiddleston along with Thor director Alan Taylor were giving out autographs from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm at the Marvel booth. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend since I was working. But my friend got a 8 second video of a close up encounter with Tom passing by (after the signing) and asked him to give a shoutout to me! He said my name in such a cute way I just can't... I'M DONE!

Here! :…

Anywho, more videos of him being his loony self at interviews

:new: :star: EXTREME close-up of the Loki panel and even clearer why the audience and tom laughed (Available only on Facebook but it's public):…

:new: :star: Video of the event but with SPANISH subtitles! (Los subtítulos no siguen de acuerdo con lo que esta diciendo):…

:new: :star: After Saturday's Loki performance, he's spotted heading to the Hard Rock Hotel (literally 5 minutes away form my college!):…

:star: Interviewed yesterday after his Loki gig by Josh Horowitz (only on Facebook, can't find it on Youtube. Its public though):…

:star: (He's outside our baseball stadium that's a few minutes away from my college!):…

:star: (Long interview, speaks French in here somewhere! And VELOCIRAPTOM!):…

:star: Just VELOCIRAPTOM!:…

:star: Also, new HD video of the Loki event here! (the outro's cut off though):…




[Another edit but this time Tom himself]

So terribly sorry for spamming with this journal! >~<"

Anywho, here's a video of Tom being interviewed after his Loki appearance and talking about the new trailer we saw today at the panel.


:new: :star: Interview where Tom talks about hugging (and Loki)!:…

And as bonus, here's an article: 15 Things We (Total Film) Learned At Comic-Con 2013 (regarding the Marvel panel). Reveals more info about all trailers, what happened in the panels and upcoming Marvel films:


:new: Pictures of Marvel actors! (scroll down for Tom and other familiar faces):…


[Hopefully the last edit]

"Claim loyalty to me, and I will give you what you need." -Loki SDCC 2013

Oh my freaking gosh... Tom was dressed as LOKI!!!! I-I still can't breathe!

So, at one point Tom- I mean Loki, told the crowd to say his name, that we should obey him and he'd give us what we wanted. The crowd and I yelled his name for a long while, he smirked and his response was "It seems I have an army."

I DIED! I still can't believe I was there!! Some people even kneeled when he told us to!

I've been to Comic-Con here in San Diego and other cons and my gosh, I honestly think no panel(s) at any con will ever top this! Loki truly owned the stage and the audience tonight!

Sadly, I was far away to take decent pictures or record, but I found videos!

:star: This is how it started:

Kevin Feige takes a seat, grabs the microphone and says "Well, we have this movie called Thor: The Dark World..." and boom! Everything goes dark. And that's when all the madness began.

:new: :star: FULL VIDEO!:…

:star: (Better quality and close-up) FULL INTRO VIDEO! (The outro's cut off though):…

:star: Breakdown of the trailer plus a video of the event (Part of the intro is cut off, but full outro!):…

:star: More videos!

:bulletgreen: (Angle close- up and shows audio wise why people and him were laughing, missing intro):…

:bulletgreen: (Good quality, middle angle, some close ups. Missing intro):…

Yes, he did have his long hair if you were wondering!

:new: In case you didn't quite understand what he said throughout the event, I wrote it down here:

"Humanity... HUMANITY! Look how far you've fallen! Lining up in the sweltering heat for hours, huddling together in the dark, like beasts! I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose! Stand back, you mewling quim! The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for a place in this chamber. In this meager palace of Midgard, the arena they call "Hall H". You should have let me rule you when you had the chance. Yet here you are! Shhh! Kneel! Your ears yearn for untold stories. Your eyes crave unseen sights. Your imaginations ache and hunger. Where are your Avengers now? Claim loyalty to me, and I will give you what you need. Say my name. Say my name. Say my name! SAY MY NAME! It seems I have an army. Of course! Feast your eyes!" - Loki

:new: :star: I'm reblogging pictures like crazy for you guys! Here:…

:star: We were told to not record or take pictures during the screening of the Thor 2 trailer. They'll eventually put it up on Youtube soon.



[EDIT 20th of July]

In exactly 10 minutes the Marvel panel event for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier will begin!

:bulletgreen: To see the liveblog of the event go here:…

It's so packed, I'll try my hardest to take good pictures and maybe record!




Hello, Co-Founder :iconvapour-dreams: here.

So I'm working at San Diego Comic-Con and just recently found out that Tom is one of the surprise guests for the Marvel panel presenting Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

He'll be here in my city tomorrow! (Unless he's already here hiding somewhere).

:bulletgreen: For those that can't make it or can't go to Comic-Con, you can Assemble via online! There will be a liveblog of the event at the Marvel page here:…

:star: The day and time's Saturday, July 20th at 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm Pacific Time Zone. So don't miss out!


:bulletgreen: If for whatever reason you can't watch the liveblog, you can check it out at Marvel's SDCC news page here:


Ohgosh, there's already a long line and people camping out for that panel!

Hope I can take pictures or record!

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Ahh thank you! I've been trying to find a good one in Spanish!
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Only two days lefttttt :iconimegacameplz: Can't believe the footage hasn't leaked yet !
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I know! I'm excited to watch it again!! ;u;
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WHY COMIC-CON? Y U SO FAR AWAY FROM ME *sobsobsob* Loki appeared. We'll forget Tom (*gasp*!) for a moment, LOKI APPEARED. Take that, told you he was real :P

And now we'll remember Tom again, HE...HE JUST... HE... WHAT EVEN GAHHHH HE IS PERFECT and those action figures <3 Adorable! ^_^
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HE IS SO PERFECT! mjnhbgfvdcfghj
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ONE DAY. I'm hoping to catch him at the Thor 2 premiere if he comes here (cause he did last year) but arggh idk xD I'LL TRY THOUGH =D Was he as amazing as he looked in the video?
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